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Do You Know Any Artists in Need of Encouragement?
If there is something that I learned in my path as an illustrator, is that, for how gratifying it can be to be able to bring alive on a canvas, with a certain degree of accuracy, the visions you're able to conjure in your mind, it is also for many a path that can be filled with frustration, irritation, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Things seldom progress as fast as one would like, skill hurdles are frequent, recognition is elusive and based on criteria that may seem arbitrary or unfair, hard effort often goes without any tangible reward, and your aesthetic goals frequently feel like they'll be eternally out of reach. I may not have been at this for very long, and I may not know of all the kinds of woes artists can go through, but I've felt many of these things in my skin and in my mind. I know that the life of an illustrator is a struggle, and numerous are the times when I felt I could have used a word of encouragement, a useful insight, a helping hand from someone further along
:iconmykegreywolf:MykeGreywolf 9 53
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